20 Baby care tips for new moms in English

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The woman who becomes a mother for the first time is also born as a mother along with the child.

Information about Baby Care Tips is important for a new mother. When you become a mother for the first time, it is important to know the essential baby care tips for newborn care. Here we are giving 20 Baby care tips for new moms in English.
A woman who becomes a mother for the first time is also born with a child. Because she does not have any experience of baby care until the first time she gives birth. Taking care of a newborn is very careful to work.  . Let’s know about the 20 baby care tips required for newborn care.

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1. Take care of cleanliness

The first step in baby health care tips is to keep yourself clean. Because the hygiene of the mother makes the child healthy. Before adopting a newborn baby in your lap, wear your clothes cleanly with your hands clean. If you are coming from the bathroom or outside, then change your clothes

2.How to adopt a newborn

On becoming a mother for the first time, you also have to learn how to adopt a child. Because of the newborn is not properly adopted in the lap, there may be pressure in the bones of his spine and neck. In this case, you must know the right way to adopt a newborn.
Baby care experts say that while adopting the baby, it should be raised with special support to its head and spine. The mother should stick the baby in her chest. If the child is crying, the hulk should pat or caulk on his back.

3. Avoid jerking and shaking the baby

We often see that when a child starts crying, people start shaking him in the lap. The neonatologist believes that there is a risk of brain injury by jerking or shaking the baby. In such a situation, the brain health of the child is affected.

Instead of moving small children in the lap, walk slowly and rub it with a light dab. The mother can also listen to him some songs or lullabies. You can keep it at the top of Tips for Baby Care.

4. Avoid blowing in the air

Some people also see that you throw the child in the air and catch it. Some people kneel like a cradle by placing on their knees. Both of these methods are not good for the newborn. Both these methods are absolutely forbidden in baby care tips.

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5. Neonatal requires skin touch

After becoming a mother, the most important thing you have to learn is that the child needs not only affection but also your skin touch. For this, give your child a touch of the skin of your body. It is also kangaroo care away. Apply the child to your chest. It also helps the child to regularize her beats with your heat. By giving skin touch to the child, it develops rapidly.

6. Talk to the baby

This may sound strange. But the child’s mother should talk to her baby. It is necessary for the newborn’s brain development. The brain of a newborn baby is in the order of development, in such a way, it activates the sound and the sound of words.

7. Diaper change tips

Keep checking the newborn’s undergarments and diapers frequently. The healthy baby keeps urinating frequently. If you stay with dirty diapers for a long time, there is an increased risk of infection and allergies in the baby. Sometimes the skin of a newborn baby has rashes (Diaper rashes).

8. Understand newborn needs

Take special care of what your child needs when. Two requirements of the newborn are the most important. One is the feeds and food on time and the other enough sleep. Keep the sleeping environment after giving feeds to the child, take special care of not having too much noise.

The baby may feel hungry every two hours. A newborn baby wants to get 16 to 20 hours of sleep in 24 hours. While giving feeds to the baby, always keep in mind that your nipples are properly cleaned.

Apart from this, you also have to pay attention to whether the baby is able to feed through breastfeeding. If the child is not getting enough milk, then keep the feed bottle ready as another option.

9. Baby feeding bottle cleaning required

If you do not breastfeed, pay special attention to cleaning the baby feeding bottle. Sterilize the feeding bottle regularly. Wash the bottle thoroughly before feeding. Clean the nipple properly. This can make the child sick.

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10.How to bathe newborn

By the way, as long as the umbilical cord of the child remains, the baby should not be bathed. When the umbilical cord falls, one should start with a sponge bath. Always remember to be careful and clean while bathing the baby.

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11. Umbilical Cord Care

Umbilical cord care is very important for a few days after the birth of a child. The cord remains attached to the baby for about 10 days. Clean the umbilical cord properly during these ten days. Apply powder or cream as suggested by the doctor.

12. Make sure the newborn burp

Yes, it is also the responsibility of the mother to get the young child burped. After feeding, place the baby on your chest and give it a slight slap. By doing this, the child necessarily burp. Burp is called passing air. Some people also call it farting.

13. Sleep Baby Care Tips

To get your baby to sleep well, baby care tips must be known. Pediatricians believe that the reason for SIDS or sudden infant death is that the child is not sleeping properly. The child’s bed should be clean and comfortable for the child. Take special care that the child can move around and move in the bed properly.

14. Keep toys away from the bed

Some people keep toys very close to the child. Baby care experts believe that soft toys can disturb children’s sleep. While children are afraid of getting hurt by hard toys, soft toys are afraid of being allergic.

15. Baby room cleaning

Always keep this thing in mind, every woman who becomes a mother and a householder. The child’s room should always be clean. People coming from outside should go to the child’s room only after cleaning them. Care should be taken not to let the dust in the room. The baby may be allergic due to the mess in the room.

16. Put on the right clothes

Baby care should always keep in mind that the child should wear the right clothes. Instead of putting too many colorful clothes on the child, choose white and cotton clothes. If there are no things like buttons and peen in newborn clothes, then it is very good.

17. Pay attention to the baby’s cry

Some people believe that children cry. But this thinking is wrong. If the child is crying, it means that he needs something. Children often cry to eat and sleep.

If the child is hungry, then give him feeding and if he is still crying then try to put him to sleep with a slight slap. Even after this, if the child continues to cry, then check what kind of suffering he has. If something is not understood properly, see a doctor.

18. Do not leave the child alone

Pediatricians believe that children should not be left alone for two months. Newborns should always be kept in front of the eye especially for 2 months
Do not delay in going to the doctor
Yes, if you feel that the child has some different symptoms, then go to the doctor without delay. If symptoms like fever, vomiting, diarrhea, do not give medicine without consulting your doctor. Know the necessary information and precautions about the health of the child from the pediatrician.

19.healthy diet

With all these baby care tips, the mother needs to pay special attention to her diet. Because if the mother is not healthy then the health of the child also deteriorates.

20. All About Diapering

You’ll probably decide before you bring your baby home whether you’ll use a cloth or disposable diapers. Whichever you use, your little one will dirty diapers about 10 times a day, or about 70 times a week.

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