20 good habits for high school students in India


Children are considered the foundation of a better tomorrow. Therefore, children need practical knowledge along with mental and physical development and bookish knowledge. There are small habits involved in everyday life that help them become better young. Also, due to these habits, children also get help in creating a good future. Therefore, the importance of good habits in student life increases manifold. This is the reason why in this article of Homechildcare we are telling 20 good habits for high school students in India

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20 good habits for students

1. Get up early in the morning

Make a rule to get up early every morning. This is because there is an amazing energy in the morning environment. Also, the mind is completely fresh at that time, due to which the studies done at that time are always remembered. Not only this, but even the most difficult questions can also be solved easily while studying at this time. To get up early in the morning it is also necessary to sleep in time at night. Also, 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary to maintain physical and mental health. A good student is the one who sleeps at a fixed time every night and gets up early in the morning.

2. Stay away from drugs

As everyone knows that the consumption of narcotics is harmful to health and it can also cause harmful diseases like cancer. At the same time, it directly affects mental health. Therefore, you should be aware of this from student life itself. This will not only work in student life but will also inspire you to stay away from these drugs in the future too.


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3. Read regularly

Make a habit of reading regularly and make every effort to dispose of all your work overtime. This will not only increase knowledge, but you will also become a good student. The knowledge acquired in student life helps in overcoming many obstacles in the future.

4. Keep Books Organized

One of the good habits of the student is also to keep his books organized. If books are kept properly and in a certain place, it does not take much time to find them on time. This habit not only saves the time that is lost in finding books, as well as creates student attachment towards books.

5. Keep Your Room Clean

You must have noticed many times that studying in a clean room makes more mind. Therefore, always keep the room used for studying clean. If the stuff in the study room remains disorganized and scattered, it can cause difficulty in focusing on the study.

6. Keep good thinking and motivate yourself

Always keep your mind good and keep motivating yourself to move forward. Good thinking increases positive energy in the mind, which is very important in student life. On the other hand, if you are feeling difficulty in doing any work, then one should not be disappointed at all. At such a time, there is a need to motivate yourself. Motivate yourself that nothing is impossible and try to do that task. Since it is not possible to have positive thinking in every situation. Therefore, in such a situation, when the mind is not focused and negative thoughts start coming in the mind, then advice should be taken from your parents and guardian.

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7. Compatible with good friends

If good with, then positive energy flows everywhere. This means that students should always remain in the company of good friends. This makes you feel better in your studies and if you inadvertently deviate from your goal, a good friend will show you the right path.

8. Always be happy

Always try to be happy in student life. By being happy, you will not only be able to study well, but your relations with others will also remain good. Actually, no one wants to talk to people who are always hanging their mouths. At the same time, if you meet others with a smile, it has a positive effect on them.

9. Schedule study

It is important for a student to set his / her time to study, along with sports and recreation. Doing this will make a habit of regular studies. There will also be a special interest in studies.

10. Pay special attention to food and drink

The other things that are necessary for a student, the more important are the healthy and nutritious diet. Also, it should be kept in mind that diet should be taken in limited quantity so that it does not become lazy while studying. In such a situation, a student should pay special attention to their food and drink. By taking a regular nutritious diet, the mind is sharpened, as well as the mind is also engaged in studies.

11. Self-examination

To prepare yourself for any exam, it is important that you take your own exam from time to time. For this, try to solve the questions of that topic which you find difficult. Of course, it sounds easy to say and difficult to do, but it can be won by effort. Also, by your own examination, you will be able to prepare yourself for the exam in the future.

12. Always Be Humble

Every student should always be polite. With this, you will maintain a good rapport with the teacher as well as other students and family members. At the same time, this habit of humility adopted in student life will provide an opportunity to make your place in the hearts of all in the future.

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13. Never be afraid of making mistakes

A mistake can be done by anyone and every person learns by mistake, so never be afraid to make a mistake. At the same time, if there is a fear of doing something wrong in your mind, then you will not be able to learn anything new in life. A mistake made in work will show you the way to do that work properly. This will strengthen your understanding and decision-making ability.

14. Use Your Knowledge

A student should not miss an opportunity to use his knowledge. By doing this, not only will your knowledge be tested, but your knowledge will also continue to expand. At the same time, the student gets an opportunity to use his knowledge to know and understand the shortcomings in himself. Therefore, a student should always look for opportunities to use his knowledge. This work can also be started by helping their peers in their studies.

15. Always Try

One should always be determined to do any work and always try to complete it, because any task can be difficult, but not impossible. Therefore, develop the thinking in the mind that if someone else can do that work, then you can do it too. If need be, just to try with perseverance.

16. Stay Focused While Reading

A student should keep their focus focused while reading. If focused, you will be able to read well. Also, you will be able to learn and remember things easily. This will develop the skill of keeping the mind focused. At the same time, you will also be able to control your senses and desires.

17. Do not interfere in the work of others

A basic mantra of the ideal student is that you just concentrate on your work, not interfere in the work of others. The reason is that if you pay attention to the surrounding environment and the conflicts of close ones or neighbors, then you will not be able to focus on studies. The result will be that you will gradually fall behind in your studies. Therefore, it is important that students do not interfere with the work of others at all.

18. Pay special attention to physical health

It is important for students to take care of their physical health. For this, along with studies, take some time out for playing, walking, and exercising, so that the body remains strong and healthy. The body will be healthy, then you will be able to concentrate on studies without any problems and your performance in school will also be good.


19. Motivate yourself for environmental improvement

It is also a good habit to participate in the environmental improvement program and get involved in this work. Actually, a good environment is required for a better life. In such a situation, attachment to the environment from student life itself helps in becoming an aware citizen to protect the environment in the future. Also, it is possible that attachment to the environment may inspire you to become an environmental expert or scientist.

20. Update Calendar

Make a habit of updating weekly tests, monthly exams, and calendar on a particular day or date. With this, you will be able to remember those important days easily. Also, you will be able to prepare yourself well for that special day in time.

Becoming a good student not only leads to your development, but you also contribute to building an ideal society. These habits also improve the personality of the students, which helps to improve your future. Therefore, it is important to include these things in your life from today itself so that a meaningful step can be taken to become a responsible student as well as a responsible youth.


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