4 months old baby – development and activities after birth

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Now that your baby is four months old, you will be spending more time playing with her/him than before. Now the baby will not only be attracted by your physical activities but now he will also be laughing at your voice or reacting with strange sounds. By this time the baby becomes more active.so, today we will discuss 4 months old baby development and activities after birth.

This is a fun period of development for both you and your baby. To ensure that your baby develops properly, increase his playing time. Give him an environment where he plays and eats properly. Now he will sleep comfortably at night and will not wake up to eat again and again. This will also give you enough sleep. The infant is still taking antibodies and nutrients from the milk, so keep breastfeeding.


Timely vaccination is very important for the child to develop immunity against various diseases. In four months, your baby will be given a second dose for rotavirus, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough. Keep in mind that there is no reaction to the vaccine and if there are any rashes on the body, see a doctor immediately.

If you are a working woman, then it will be easier for the baby to get used to living without him. You can make a habit of leaving the baby for a short time. This will reduce separation anxiety and you can easily go to work. All the things related to the development of your baby in the fourth month are mentioned in this article.

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4 months old baby  development and activity after birth

By the fourth month, your baby will see a lot of changes. Catching toys, throwing them, playing with them, putting their hands in their mouth, etc. will all change. Now the baby becomes more active. This means that you have to be more alert now. Take care not to harm your baby. Keep an eye on him not to put something in the mouth, which makes him prone to injury or infection. The baby is currently developing as follows:

1.Baby weight in four months 

The weight of a four-month-old baby almost doubles from the time of birth. However, every baby grows differently and if the baby is born prematurely, then its weight may be less than normal. If you are still worried about your baby’s weight, then go to the doctor.

2.Baby’s Emotional Reactions

Now your baby will react by looking at people. He wants to play more and will now feel comfortable with other people besides his parents. At this time, do not stop your baby, but allow him to play with other children.

3.Muscle synergy

Now the baby’s muscles are more developed. He has now also learned to align with them. Now he will not only be able to pick up the toys but will also be able to pick up and rotate them. The baby will be able to move around on its stomach. Lying on the abdomen, raising the elbow, and standing on a strong surface, will be seen doing vigorous shaking of legs. Taking advantage of this time, give your baby more toys that will strengthen his muscles and grow faster.

4. Now the baby can sit for a long time

Now your baby’s head will be fixed. That is, he will not need any support to keep the head stable. The child will now be able to sit for long periods of time without support. Your baby’s neck muscles have become stronger and now the back and spine will be stronger. For this, you need to help the baby sit longer.

5. Development of an infant’s vision

Babies may not see distant things initially, but by the time they are four months old, they can distinguish bright and dark colors. His vision is developing. Now the baby will be able to recognize moving objects and will be able to distinguish colors. This is the right time when you can give him colorful toys and clothes. You can also give books containing colorful pictures to your baby, this will also speed up cognitive development.

4.Cognitive development in the fourth-month baby

Your baby’s cognitive development is happening very fast at this time. The development of his personality has also started. The baby will react to affection, moving objects, facial expressions, similar objects. Now he will begin to show feelings of sorrow, anger, and happiness. The coordination between hands and eyes will begin to improve. That is, after seeing an attractive object, now the baby will be able to reach it easily.

5. Now the baby will be more anxious 

As the cognitive and motor development of the baby is fast, then he will be excited about the world around him. He will not only catch the objects that are within his reach but will also try to put them in the mouth. The mouth and tongue are his major organs and from this, he experiences nourishment and satisfaction, so he will take everything in the mouth. This increases the risk of infection in the child, so note that nothing that causes harm should be accessible to the child.

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What to feed a four-month-old baby

Your baby still needs your milk. If doctors are recommending formula milk, then it can also be given. The benefits of breastfeeding are immense for you and your baby, so breastfeed your baby until she is 12 to 18 months old. However, whenever the baby asks for milk, you should give it to him, but now the interval will start to become regular. Apart from this, now your baby will come to know that he is hungry, he will start giving signs other than crying. Baby can indicate:

  • Throwing things away
  • Licking lips
  • Thumb sucking
  • Trying to call you out
  • Trying to hold your breasts

How a four-month-old baby sleeps

The pain of keeping the baby awake throughout the night is over. Now you will not have to wake up late and feed and put it to sleep. Now your baby’s sleep has become regular and you will also get enough time to sleep.

Your four-month-old will now sleep for 12 to 18 hours a day. In these, he would sleep continuously for six to eight hours. The rest of the time the baby will sleep in small naps of two to three hours a day.

You have to keep in mind that your baby is currently in danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In this case, make sure that the place where the baby is sleeping is safe. There should be no noise and there is no disturbance in the sleep of the child.

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Four-month-old baby vaccines 

Vaccination is very important in the life of an infant. Make sure that your baby has all the vaccines he needs. By the fourth month, the baby will be given a second dose for the following diseases –

  • Rotavirus
  • Pneumococcal Disease (PCV 13)
  • Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTAP)
  • Haemophilus influenzae type B (HIB)
  • Polio (IPV)

The right way to hold your baby during vaccination

By holding the baby properly during vaccination, you can make her feel safe. Place the baby near your chest and place one hand under your arm. Keep his head on your arm. Hold your baby’s other arm with your hand. Now place his feet under your other arm so that all things are under your control.

Post-vaccination care of a four-month baby 

Vaccination is a poor experience for many infants. Babies usually have some mild side effects, such as fever, skin rashes, or swelling at the injected area. These are all temporary, but you can place ice packs on the needle area. At this time, you can also give your baby rest by breastfeeding or wrapping him in a cloth. It is normal for your baby not to eat properly until twenty-four hours after vaccination. Do not worry too much and be patient. If you are more worried or are showing severe symptoms in your baby, then go to the doctor about it.

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Safety precautions for a four-month-old baby

As your baby’s motor and cognitive skills develop, you need to be more alert. You should remove everything that you can harm yourself by reaching. You have to take care of the following things –

  • Keep sharp objects and ropes, wires out of reach of your baby.
  • Keep in mind that someone should always be present with the baby to reduce the chance of falling or getting hurt.
  • Do not keep any warm things near your baby. Now he can catch things, so he can burn himself.
  • If you are going to the car with the child, then note that your car seat is suitable for your baby. See that the safety belt is properly fitted. Also, never leave your baby alone in the car.
  • See that whatever your baby is holding is safe and clean, because he would like to put everything in the mouth.
  • The baby’s sleeping place should be absolutely safe. There should not be any toys, blankets, or pillows that threaten her suffocation.
  • Look at your baby’s behavior, feces, and urine properly, if you feel any kind of problem then you can talk to the doctor.

How to take care of your four-month-old baby

Now that the baby is four months old, then you should get enough sleep and rest time for yourself. If you are a working woman, then you can think about going to the office again. While it is important to take good care of the baby and to fulfill all his needs, it is also important to keep yourself well because the baby needs you first. The healthier you are, the healthier your baby will be. Here are some things you should do –

  • Distribute the work. Taking care of your baby all day alone can make you very tired. Instead, you can seek help from your partner or a close relative and friend.
    Get adequate nutrition. Eating healthy will keep your immune system strong and this is most important because you are breastfeeding.
  • During this time, do not take alcohol and caffeine, nor smoke, because harmful substances can pass through the milk in your baby.
  • Get Social, You have become a mother, this does not mean that you remove yourself from public life and stay only at home
  • Talk to family, friends. Read books, watch movies, and do other things that make you feel good.
  • Now, because your baby has grown, you can also take her to the park with her by sitting in the pram (rotating crib). The fresh air outside will make you feel good and your baby will be connected to the many colors and activities present there. It is necessary for its development.

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