5-month-old baby development and activities after birth in India


As soon as the little guest arrives in the house, he becomes the cause of many happiness. People always want to see this cause of happiness flourishing. As the child grows up, many changes are seen in him. It shows physical, mental, and social changes in it. Through this article of Homechildcare, we will tell what kind of changes happen in 5-month-old baby development. Also, you will get introduced to the activities of the child of the fifth month.

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What should be the weight and height of a 5-month-old baby?

The 5-month baby develops rapidly. In this month, the weight of baby girl can be 5.6 to 7.5 kg and height is about 63.7 centimeters. At the same time, the weight of the baby boy can be 6.2 to 8.2 kg and height is about 64.7 cm. You can visit the pediatrician for more information.


Developmental milestones of a 5-month-old baby?

The development of an infant depends on its growing age. As the child grows up, he/she develops better. Such changes also occur in the fifth-month-old child. Let us know about the milestone of the development of the fifth-month baby.

Brain development

Being more curious and understanding- In the 5-month, the child starts to understand things fast. He expresses his eagerness towards anything or toy. Furthermore, he begins to understand that you are the one who comes to him again and again.

Being distracted 

In the fifth month, children can become distracted or conscious of the sudden loud sound or the movement of something. In such a situation, either they start crying fearfully or they can be happy.

Distinguishing Colors 

Babies of this month begin to learn to differentiate between colors or be attracted to the colors of their choice but are not fully capable.

Language development 

In this age of the child, language development begins to appear. They try to talk to toys etc. through words like ‘p’ and’.

physical development

Hand control 

5-month-old babies try to hold their toes with their hands. Also, try to catch toys.

Tummy Time 

This month, babies start learning to handle their babies on their hands. Tummy time, when lying on the stomach, they try to lift their body on the strength of hands.

Neck handling 

Gradually babies start to handle their neck as well. They can easily reverse by controlling the hands and can also raise their neck.

Trying to sit 

The physical development of a 5-month-old baby is so much that he starts trying to sit. During this time he can sit for only a few seconds without any support

Rolling in one direction

now learn to hit back. When he is rolled on his stomach, he can backfire.

Feeling of taste

Babies up to the fifth month get the nutrients from breast milk only. According to a scientific study, babies become conscious of taste after birth. They begin to understand the difference in taste during breastfeeding. Also one can recognize the smell of breast milk very well. A five-month-old baby is only breastfed, so they do not know of any taste other than milk.

Note – In the first five months after birth, the infant should be put to sleep only on the back. This does not prevent the sudden death of the infant.

Social and emotional development

Identification of familiar faces 

In the fifth month, the infant begins to recognize those who live mostly around him.

Playing with parents 

The baby loves playing with his parents. He expresses his joy by moving his hands and feet fast.

Expressing feelings 

When an acquaintance comes and talks to them, they express their feelings through their facial expressions. He also expresses his feeling by shaking his hands.

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What vaccines does a 5-month-old child get?

Vaccination is the ladder in a child’s development through which they develop better. For when to get children vaccinated, you can see the table of immunization made by IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics).

No special vaccine is given to the infant in the fifth month, but if DTW P3, IPv3, Hib3, Rotavirus 3, and PCV3 vaccines are not applied in the fourth month due to any reason, then they should be applied in the fifth month.

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How much milk is necessary for a 5-month-old baby?

Milk contributes to the development of a five-month-old baby. Such a small infant is given only mother’s milk, through which he gets the necessary nutrients. How much milk a child can drink for such a month, here we are telling about the same.


There is nothing better for a baby than breast milk. The first six months should be given only breast milk to the infant. A 5-month-old baby can drink 828 ml to 946.35 ml of milk in a day. He can consume mother’s milk 4 to 6 times in 24 hours.

Formula milk

At the same time, it becomes necessary for some infants to give formula milk for various reasons. In such a situation, a 5-month-old baby can consume up to 887.2 milliliters of formula milk.

How much sleep is required for a 5-month-old baby?

For the complete development of an infant, it is necessary to get adequate sleep. A 5-month-old baby can sleep 12–16 hours out of 24 hours.

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Games and activities for a 5-month-old baby

Bubble game – In this, we make bubbles using soapy water. Such games are very liked by the 5-month-old baby and he tries to see these bubbles by raising his neck.

Storytelling – Infants of this age try to listen to the voice and look at it. So, if you read a story in front of your child, they will definitely pay attention to it. Yes, they are unable to understand the story, but listening to the story, they can do so.

Voice Toys – To make your child happy you can use different types of voice toys, etc. Also, make sure that the sound emanating from that toy does not harm your child’s ear.

Finding toys – You hide the baby’s favorite toy in front of him. He himself will try to find her. Then when you suddenly bring a toy in front of him, he will be happy.

Floor play – A special mat for such a small baby comes with toys on it. When the baby is rolled on it, he moves quickly to grab the toys.

Sit-up – In this, the infant is given training to sit, so that he can learn to sit by himself. For this, the parents try to make Babysit with his hand.
After getting to know the sports and activities for a 5-month-old baby,

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Common health concerns of parents of 5-month-old children

  • Conjunctivitis – This problem is a problem occurring in the eyes of five-month-old children, in which the baby’s eyes turn pink. This problem is caused by viruses, bacteria, and allergies. In this stage, immediately consult a pediatrician.
  • Vomiting – Vomiting in a fifth-month-old baby may occur. This problem can also be caused by simple gastro infection or sometimes due to sitting in a moving vehicle, the child may vomit. If vomiting is persistent, consult a pediatrician immediately.
  • Swelling in the gums – Five-month-old baby’s gums are itchy, due to which they chew after putting anything in the mouth. This may cause injury to their gums. At the same time, some babies may also get gingivitis and pain due to the first tooth eruption.

Baby hygiene of the 5-month-old baby

Gums care- For taking care of the gums of a 5-month-old baby, do not place any goods or toys in front of her, which may cause injury to her gums. In addition, the child should not be given anything to eat before the seventh month, which weakens his gums.

Stopping cavities – 5 months old baby is still developing. During this time it is also necessary to protect him from the cavity. To protect her from the cavity, clean her gums with a soft and wet cloth with light hands. Also, after feeding the baby, always clean his mouth.

Protect against germs – To protect against germs, keep the five-month-old baby’s seating area, clothes, and floor, etc. completely clean.

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How can parents help the child’s development?

Better cooperation of parents can help in the development of the child. Here we are telling how you can help in the physical and mental development of the baby:

  • If the parents help the babysit, he will soon learn to sit.
  • To protect the child from any infection, touch the child only after thoroughly washing your hands.
  • Motivate the baby to walk and crawl on the stomach.
  • Children can be more agile and faster, so keep such toys in front of them, to try to catch them constantly. This will strengthen children’s muscles and make the child more active.
  • Do not leave anything around your baby that comes in his hand and he puts it in his mouth. This thing may get stuck in the baby’s throat or he may have an infection.
  • Never leave your baby alone, especially if he is playing on the bed. This can cause it to fall down.
  • After knowing how parents can help in the development of a five-month-old baby,

When should parents be concerned about the development of a 5-month-old baby?

  • Babies may have some problems that parents should be worried about.
  • If the weight and length of the infant are less than normal, the parents need to be concerned.
  •  In the fifth month the child does not do any action even after hearing the voice, then it is a matter of concern, because, by the fifth month, the child starts responding after hearing the voice.
  • If the child is not drinking milk and is crying, a doctor should be contacted immediately.
  • Under physical development, five-month-old children can handle their own weight on their feet, if not, contact the doctor.

Checklist for the 5-month-old baby

  • In the fifth month, the child keeps trying to crawl (try to slide/move) on the stomach, take care of them at this time.
  • At this time, children sleep for 12-16 hours, so that their sleep can be completed, do not let them have noise.
  • The child may have pinkish eyes and itching, in such a situation, consult a doctor.
  • During this time take special care of the time of feeding the baby and keep giving him necessary feedings in 24 hours.
  • Go to the doctor for routine check-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods can I give to my 5-month-old baby?

For the five-month-old baby development, parents often want them to start giving food to their baby as soon as possible, but this is not true. For five months, breast milk is good for the baby. In addition, he should give solid foods from the sixth month or only after that.

Why does my child wake up at night?

After birth, infants take time to adapt to the normal daily process. However, out of 24 hours, they spend 12-16 hours sleeping, but most of these time they sleep during the day. This is the reason that often they lose sleep at night. Sometimes even on feeling hungry or having someone around them, they wake up from sleep at night.

You should spend as much time with your baby to support her development. Also, motivate him to play and take him outside for some time to park in the park. You will see positive development in your baby through this. If you want to know more about the development of your baby, you can contact us through the comment box below.

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