Adolescence changes – problems and important tips in English

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From childhood to old age, there are many stages in life, the most important of which is adolescence. This is the time when children are ready to set foot on the second step of life. Along with mental and physical development, intellectual development also takes place in them. This is the period from which their future is decided. A little carelessness in this time changes the way of life of the child. It will not be wrong if it is said that this is the most delicate phase of human life. In such a situation, the responsibility of the parents increases manifold. In this article of homechildcare, we will talk about what kind of changes happen in the youth and how to handle them.
Let us first know what adolescence is.

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What is adolescence?

The critical period between childhood and adulthood is called adolescence. Hormones in boys and girls from childhood to adolescence undergo psychological, social, and physical changes due to hormones. This time is around puberty, adolescents develop social abilities and behaviors. Also, the brain of teenagers also grows towards maturity. According to the World Health Organization, these changes persist for about 10 to 19 years.


When does puberty begin?

Puberty is a time of life when a boy or girl starts to mature sexually. It is a process that occurs between the ages of 10 to 14 in girls and 12 to 16 years in boys. Due to these physical changes, different types of effects are seen in boys and girls.

You have already known what adolescence is, but do you know that there are different stages also. Yes, the same steps are being explained in further detail.

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Different stages of adolescence

Changes in boys and girls during adolescence often become a matter of concern for parents. Therefore, you need to know about the different stages of adolescence. We will tell you in detail about the changes in boys and girls during adolescence below.

Early stages of adolescence (between the ages of 10 and 13)

During this phase, boys and girls develop rapidly. Many types of changes are seen in the body. These changes include hair growth near the underarm and genitals, breast development in girls, and testicles in boys. It is believed that this change starts in girls one to two years earlier than boys. During this period, the monthly cycle of many girls also starts. At the same time, the onset of puberty can be a difficult time for transgender children. Some children may also question their gender identity at this time.

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The middle stage of adolescence (between the ages of 14 to 17)

During this time most of the boys develop rapidly and pubertal changes also continue, such as changes in voice and pimples. At the same time, physical changes in girls are almost complete and menstruation of most girls also becomes regular.This age, many teenagers start taking interest in romance and physical relationships. At the same time, teenagers start arguing g with parents, because they do not want to spend time with friends more than family and live in restrictions. With all these the boy and girl’s brain development continues.

Last stage of adolescence (between 18 and 21 years of age)

Physical development is usually completed by the late stages of adolescence. The teenagers in the final stages of adulthood begin to understand their personality and their importance. They decide only on the basis of their ideals, with a focus on their future. Relationships like friendship and love become stable in this period. Some boys and girls are emotionally and physically separated from their families. However, many reestablish a new relationship with their parents.

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Common Adolescent Body Changes

Now we will tell you about the common changes in adolescent boys and girls. After this, we will also discuss the changes in girls and boys in detail below.

  • Acne can occur on your face and body.
  • Sweating starts more and the body can also have a bad odor.
  • Hair begins to grow in the armpit.
  • The Hair begins to grow around the genitals – it is also called pubic hair.
  • Hair may grow in the arms and legs and the hair becomes darker.
  • You may also feel some pain in your feet and hands.

Physical changes during adolescence in girls

Rapid changes occur during adolescence in girls. The changes in their body at this stage are as follows:

  • Girls’ breasts begin to develop. It is a sign that puberty is beginning.
  • Between 12 and 18 years, girls’ breasts are fully developed.
  • Both the left and right breasts may develop in different sizes.
  • It is considered good to use a soft crop top or sports bra during this time.
  • Girls are tall during this period and some parts of their body — such as hands, head, and face — can grow faster than other organs.
  • After 16–17 years of age, girls stop growing.
  • The body shape of girls also starts to change, as their waist and ax start to widen.
  • During this time the hair of the genitals also starts growing.

Physiological changes in boys during adolescence

Like girls, boys also undergo physical changes during adolescence, which is as follows:

  • From the age of 12, armpit, legs, chest, and facial hair also start growing.
  • The testicles of boys begin to enlarge and the penis also develops.
  • The boys’ voices also begin to change.
  • Nothing like sudden onset of puberty in boys, like the onset of menstruation in girls, but the onset of puberty is considered to be nightfall and dream defects in boys.
  • Nightfall usually starts between the ages of 13 and 17 years.
  • By the age of 17 or 18, the genitals of boys also develop completely.
  • Boys develop at a fast pace around the age of 13 and it slows down by the time they reach 18.
  • As the height of boys increases, their chest and shoulders also become wide.
  • During this time the boys grow 10–30 cm. This process stops after about 18–20 years.
  • It is common for boys to have mild development in their breasts. If they look normal, do not panic, their development stops after a while.
  • During this time, the production of testosterone (sex hormone) in the youth begins to increase, which produces sperm.

After the physical changes in adolescence, let’s talk about the psychological changes in them.


Psychological changes during adolescence

In adolescence, there is often a change in the behavior of your children with good temperament, who accept and understand your words. Yes, because it is like that. Children are undergoing psychological changes during this period. Changes such as anger and rebellion due to psychological changes can be seen in your children.

  • Psychological changes are associated with hormonal and neurodevelopmental changes, leading to social and emotional changes.
  • Along with this, intellectual capacity increases.
  • During this period, logical and moral thinking is strengthened in teenagers.
  • They start being rational.
  • Normal thinking changes.

Be able to make rational decisions.

Let us now take a look at the social changes happening in adolescence.

Social change during adolescence

During adolescence, youth undergo psychological change as well as social change. These social changes are explained below:

  • The youth tried to self-introduce as they understand the changes happening in themselves.
  • People are concerned about their opinions, especially influenced by the opinions of their friends.
  • The desire for freedom and responsibility grows.
  • Make decisions, feelings, and actions firmly.
  • Try to break free from parental control.
  • One starts thinking more about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.
  • Internet, mobile and social media are affected.

Emotional changes during adolescence

Due to hormone changes, youngsters undergo many emotional changes. We will talk about these changes in detail below.

  • mood swing
  • Demand for privacy
  • Future concern
  • Flow in the clouds
  • Getting tense due to relationships with friends and parents and school expectations.

Important tips for parents are given in this last part of the article. Therefore, you must read this part of the article carefully.

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How to help your children during adolescence and some great tips.

Changes in the relationship between children and their parents and family begin during adolescence. He prefers to spend time with his friends and is cut off from the family. In such a situation, some of the tips given below may prove helpful in helping your children.

  • Explain to the youth that physical change and feeling of sexuality is normal at this time. Make them feel so comfortable that they don’t hesitate to ask you questions related to adolescence.
  • Do not tease and make children feel embarrassed about the physical changes happening in adolescence.
  • Keep a positive conversation with your children.
  • Talk openly about important topics like relationships, sexuality, physical relationships, consent, and safety.
  • This is the time to talk openly about the infection and pregnancy resulting from establishing a relationship with them (sexual intercourse).
  • Along with supporting them, also set some boundaries, such as – how much time is to be given for studies, how many friends, how much family, and how to behave.
  • Respect the independence and personality of the youth. Also, make them realize that you will always stand with them when needed.
  • Teens often require privacy at this time. In this case, try to give them a separate room or private space.

You must have got all the information related to adolescence changes through this article. So just stand with your children in this golden phase of their life and support them in every step. In order for children to accept the changes happening in themselves, you should talk to them openly. Through the tips given in the article, you can make the changes in this important stage of your child’s life easier. If you have any questions related to adolescence in your mind, you can ask us through the comment box. We will try to answer with facts.


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