Baby movements during pregnancy detailed analysis :Facts and FAQs


The moment would be very special for a pregnant woman when she got the news of her pregnancy. At the same time, this happiness is further increased when she feels her baby’s movements for the first time in the womb. Many pregnant women take the time to understand the first movement of the baby. When your baby first kicks in the stomach, you need to pay a little attention to it.

If you are pregnant and have questions about your baby’s movements, then this article is the answer to your questions. In this article of Homechildcare, we will give you some important information related to the Baby movements in the womb, which is important for you to know.

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When does the mother feel the baby kicking in the womb? 

The pregnant does not realize the movement of the baby for the first few months of pregnancy. Most women feel the baby moving around the 20th week of pregnancy. In addition, the pregnant woman may feel the baby kicking in the womb continuously after the 24th week. Since, before the baby is very small, it is difficult to recognize its movements. In such a situation, pregnant women sometimes understand the problem of gas. At times, you may feel a bit of a flutter in the stomach, which can be a baby’s movement. If you have become a mother before too, then you will start to understand these feelings. However, most babies experience a kick in the second and third trimesters.


How often does the child feel the movement in pregnancy?

When you feel your baby moving between 20 to 24 weeks (second trimester), then after this you will be able to feel it many times. However, you do not necessarily feel this movement every time. Especially when you are busy with some work, then it may be that your attention is not paid and you cannot recognize the movement of the baby. Most babies stir while pregnant. In the third trimester, the baby becomes more active and by the end of it can stir for 16 to 45 times in an hour. At the same time, a healthy baby keeps on stirring during delivery.

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How will my baby feel week after week?

In the initial stages, the baby’s feeling of movement is reduced, but as the time of pregnancy increases, the baby starts to move continuously. Below we are going to tell you about the movement of your baby by week:

20 to 24 weeks: During this week, your baby’s activities will start increasing week by week. You will feel that the baby does more activities during the day. At the same time, hands and feet move in the evening time.

24th to 28th week: During this time, start paying attention to your baby’s hiccups. When the baby hiccups, you will feel like pushing. In addition, the baby also moves in the womb and can jump at the loud sound outside.

29th to 31st week: By this week, your baby’s movement will start decreasing, but whenever there is movement, it will be very clear. During this time, the movement of the baby is reduced because the space in the womb starts to decrease due to an increase in the size of the baby. By this period, the baby is about 14 inches. This is the reason why he does not get much space to hit hands and feet.

32nd to 35th week: During this time, the baby’s movement will feel fast, but the number of activities will start to decrease.
36th week: By this time, the baby’s head turns downwards.

Facts about baby movements

Kicking the baby in the womb makes a small life feel inside you. Apart from this, the movement of the baby is also proof that he is healthy in the womb and he is developing well. Below we share some facts related to the movement of the baby:

Does the baby respond to outdoor activities?

Yes, the baby in the womb responds by kicking out activities. Your baby responds to the sounds that are happening outside, what you are eating. In such a situation, sometimes the hands can move, sometimes the feet can do activities of the baby.

Does Baby movements on the sound?

In the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby can hear small sounds. At the same time, as the week progresses, he begins to hear loud sounds. This shows that the baby is developing in the womb in a healthy manner.

Lying on one side increases the movement of the baby?

The lying position of the pregnant affects the movement of the baby. When the pregnant woman lies on her left side, then the movement of the baby is more. This is due to the increased blood supply. For your comfort, you can lay on one side with a pillow between your legs. This will make you feel relaxed.

It is normal for the movement to decrease during the last days of pregnancy:

As we also mentioned above, in the last days the fetus develops fully and has less space to move. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for him to lose movement. In such a situation, there is no need to worry about it.

What to do if the baby does not feel the movements in the womb

If you do not feel any movement of your baby by the 24th week of pregnancy, contact your doctor. At the same time, if you feel that the baby’s movement is decreasing, then it can be a cause for concern. Note that if the baby is stirring very little by the 28th week in the womb, contact the doctor once. In this case, the doctor will examine you and find out the reason for the baby’s movement.

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When should I talk to my doctor about baby movements?

During pregnancy, you are advised to pay attention to your baby’s movements. You should not delay in contacting a doctor if you notice any of the following symptoms, such as:

  • If you have been lying on your side for two hours, even if you do not feel the movement ten or more times, you should talk to the doctor.
  • If there is a very loud noise outside, you still do not feel any movement, then contact the doctor, because most of the babies in the womb respond by stirring on the outside noise.

Note: If the baby is stirring less, there may be a reason for the baby not getting enough oxygen from the placenta. If the doctor sees any such symptoms, then the baby’s health can be properly examined.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should the baby take less activity in the womb seriously?

This can be a matter of concern if the baby’s movements have decreased sharply or it has been reduced for several days. Also, if your baby is not reacting to the outside noise at all, then you should contact the doctor.

Baby movements are low, so that means my baby is sick?

The baby’s movement does not necessarily mean that he is ill. If the last days of pregnancy are going on, it is normal to happen. At the same time, if you talk about the time between pregnancy, in the absence of oxygen, the baby can reduce the movement. In such a situation, a doctor should be contacted.

Why is the baby more active in the womb at night?

The time of movement of the baby in the womb can vary. You are more active and do activities during the day. So when you come to a state of rest at night, the baby starts to get active in the atmosphere of peace and kicks.

What should I do if my child is not kicking?

If you feel that the baby is not kicking in the womb or its movement has reduced, do not panic. You sit comfortably and calm down. Eat some sweet or cold beverages and elevate your feet. Feeling cold and sweet can cause your baby to start to stir. By doing this, your baby may react like hiccups, acrobatics, or kicking.

In which case I can’t feel my baby’s movement or kick?

There are many times when you will not be able to feel your baby’s movement. Below we are giving some reasons when you will not be able to feel your baby’s movements:

Today, we talked about some important things related to the movement of the baby during pregnancy, which is important for every pregnant. We hope that you have got the answers to all the questions related to this. If you still need answers to some more questions related to this, then do ask in the comment box below. Also, if you are pregnant, tell us have you felt your baby’s movements yet?


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