Best way to develop healthy Relationship Between Father and Kids


Like a mother, the father’s responsibilities also increase after becoming a parent. In Indian society, the father is often portrayed with a harsh image. When he becomes a father, building a good relationship with his child is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of his life, but it is not at all easy. If you also want to be a father and have a good relationship with your children, here is the best way to develop healthy Relationship Between Father and Kids


10 tips for fathers to build good relations with their children.

No matter the age of the children, but the responsibility of the parents never ends. In order to have a good relationship with children, it is imperative to provide a good and positive environment so that children also feel that they can develop in an independent, successful, confident, and Vatsal environment.

 1. Learn to love children

  • It is said that both love and affection are the best things, to give to the children,
  • to have a good relationship with them you have a lovely little hug, a little encouragement, a loving touch, and a light smile.
  • Show your children lovingly how valuable they are to you.
  •  Let them know how precious and special it is to you. This will also increase their confidence and love for you.

2. Praise children

It is believed that if the mother is the idol of Mamta, then the same father is considered to be tough and strict, but for the bright future of children, the father also has to be tough and a little harsh. This does not mean that you should not show love to your children. For this, whenever you get a chance, you praise them.

Whenever the child does some good work as if they use the toilet properly or bring good numbers, then praise them.  This will also create positiveness in the mind of the child and both of you will have good relations.

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3. Spend time with your child

Whether you are a regular job or a businessman, but you must take time every day for your child. You should sit and talk to him every night. Some listen to him, some say his. Share all your things with him daily, and also ask him to tell you all the things about his day.

This will increase the child’s confidence in you and he will start sharing everything with you. If they say or do something wrong then explain it to them. You can also prepare for your child once a day to talk. Therefore, by spending time together, both will understand each other and the sweetness in your relationship will increase further.

4. Do not compare with other children

If you will always be good for other children and less attractive to your children then this will also be very wrong. You should never compare your children to other children, in fact, if you have two children of your own, then do not compare them too. Understand both of them and give equal opportunity for every task.

If there is a quarrel between 2 children, never take favor of one, but take a fair decision. If you always keep deficiencies in your children and say that other children are good, then they will keep going away from you and both of you will get upset in the relationship.

 5. Not always scold

As a father, you do not always scold your children, whether the children are at fault or not. Do not even let your whole day’s anger be thrown out on the children. If you are upset about anything, then tell them lovingly and not in front of everyone. By doing this, they will gradually start hating you and will go away from you.

You will not even know that in such a situation, children grow up and catch the wrong path, which you will have to fill the brunt later. If you have to explain to them, explain it alone. With this, the child will consider you as his friend and you will become his role model.

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6. Take out

Whenever you get a chance or you have a holiday, do not let it go waste. Take full advantage of that day and go on holiday with the family. Whether you go to the park or go for a picnic.

Go to the park and play with your children. Spend full time with them there, do a lot of things, explain small things about what is right and what is wrong, and if they ask you anything, then you listen to them slowly and answer them.

If you listen to them carefully then they will also listen to you carefully. This will also bring sweetness to the relationship between you and the child.


7. Be present at special moments of children

You can be very busy with your work but always take time for your children in special moments of their life like if you have a program in your school then you must be present there at that time. That special moment of your child which is in his life, you should also make him a special moment in your life.

If you keep ignoring the children every time, you will not know when your children have grown up and gone away from you. You will regret it all your life that your child’s first day of school and you missed him. It is not necessary every time possible, but you must try and be involved in special moments.

8. Be involved in their studies, friends, and activities

The more time you give to your child, the stronger your relationship will be with you and your children. If you will be involved in every small activity of your children, the more you will prove to be a good father. Your children will start believing in you, whether it is studying, spending time with them, or knowing their friends.

If you want, you can also keep in touch with the teachers of the school of the children and you can give your share in the small activities of the school.

9. win the trust of your children

Trust is one of the things in every relationship that makes a relationship strong. You should become trustworthy for your children so that your child talks with you and he does not hesitate to tell you if he has any problem. It may take some time for you to win the trust of your children, but if you remember the promises made with your children, they will trust you.

10. Honor your children

Small children are always active in everything but they need someone to boost their confidence. Therefore, as a father, encourage him and do not let his enthusiasm diminish. In such a situation, if you keep scolding them, then their enthusiasm starts to decrease. So always encourage them and strengthen your relationship with your children.

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