Constipation during pregnancy- Causes and Home remedies


It is common for women to have constipation during pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes in the body. Although this problem can be dealt with by a balanced diet and a good lifestyle, there can be many problems when constipation is high. This can prove painful for the woman during her pregnancy. In this article of Homechildcare, we will explain the causes, symptoms, and home remedies of constipation during pregnancy.

Is the constipation problem common in pregnancy?

Constipation can occur to anyone during pregnancy. About 11-33 percent of pregnant women face it. This is not a cause for concern until it becomes severe. Therefore, the pregnant woman should not ignore the problem like constipation.


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when does constipation start in pregnancy?

As soon as the level of progesterone hormone is high in the body, the constipation problem starts. This happens in the second or third month. Then as the size of the uterus increases, the constipation problem also increases.

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Causes of constipation in pregnancy

Constipation may occur in pregnancy due to the following reasons.

1.Hormone changes:

The most important cause of constipation during pregnancy is an increase in the progesterone hormone.

2.Lack of fiber in the diet:

If a pregnant woman does not include fiber-rich foods in her diet, constipation can occur. Fiber helps the digestive system to function optimally.

3.Shortage of water:

Constipation can also be caused by drinking small amounts of water daily. Also in the first trimester, morning sickness can also cause dehydration, which causes constipation.

4.Reduced physical activity:

Of course, during pregnancy, a woman’s temperament changes, and fatigue is felt at times, but a short walk daily is also necessary. This digests food and clears the stomach comfortably. If the doctor has told you completely for bed rest, then the thing is different.

5.Medical condition:

Constipation can also occur due to problems like stroke, diabetes, intestinal obstruction, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).


Constipation can also be caused by iron and some pain-relieving medicines.

Symptoms of constipation during pregnancy

  • Fewer feces.
  • loss of appetite.
  • Flatulence and pain.
  • Stool hardening.
  • Wounds in the rectum due to hard stool and blood coming with stool.

How to prevent constipation during pregnancy

The following are some measures to prevent constipation during pregnancy.

Liquids: Food is easy to digest by consuming more fluids. You must drink at least eight-ten glasses of water throughout the day.

A little diet: Instead of eating more at one time, eat a little at each time period. This will make the food easier to digest.

Exercise daily: By exercising, the internal organs of the bodywork better, and the digestive system is also fine. Your doctor can tell you better how and how much to exercise.

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Home remedies for constipation in pregnancy

Here we are telling some home remedies, with the help of which you can cure constipation problem:


It makes it easy to digest food. Lemon contains citric acid, due to which the digestive system is able to function well and there is the ease of bowel movement. If you consume lemon juice mixed with warm water, you can get relief from constipation soon.

How to use:

  • You mix half a lemon juice in a glass of warm water.
  • You can add honey to taste.
  • You can take this mixture twice a day.


Constipation can be a problem even if there is a lack of water in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to drink enough water daily. Eating with water digests well and there is no problem in bowel movement.

How to use:

To avoid dehydration, you must drink 10 glasses of water daily.

3.Citrus fruits:

Citrus fruits (oranges etc.) are high in vitamin-C. Vitamin-C rich fruits are necessary for good health. This makes the immune system work better. In addition, fiber is also found in citrus fruits. Therefore, they can eliminate constipation from the root.

How to use:

You can consume one or two oranges or any other citrus fruit daily.

4.Linseed seeds:

They have been considered as a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. For this reason, the amount of fluid in the body remains. In addition, the amount of dietary fiber is also high, due to which relieving constipation.

How to use:

You can include half a teaspoon of flaxseed seeds in your meal daily. Then whether you take it in oil, in powder form or in any other way.


Stomach tension and other troubles can be reduced by doing abdominal massage. A pregnant woman can feel relaxed with a massage done for about 15 minutes. Keep in mind that massage should be done with light hands.

How to use:

The massage should be clockwise with the help of fingers. Start it from the left side, then in the middle, and finally to the right side of the stomach. It would be better to get a massage done by a trainer instead of getting a member of the house.


It is a type of alternative medical practice. It is treated by pressing various parts of the body like finger or thumb etc. without oil or cream. Pressing the affected area provides relief.

How to use:

For this, if you seek the help of a specialist, it will be better.


How to treat constipation during pregnancy?

In case of constipation, it may be better to take some medicines, but be careful not to take these medicines without the advice of a doctor.

  • Stool softener: It is a stool thinner medicine. This medicine will be available from any medical store. This drug comes in pill or liquid form. Your doctor may ask you to take this medicine if you have constipation.
  • Lubricant laxative: This leads to the thinning of stool and smoothness on the walls of the intestine, which leads to the easy discharge of stool. Glycerin suppository is a type of lubricant laxative. Please consult a doctor before consuming it.
  • Osmotic laxative: This drug draws an excessive amount of water into the intestines, which leads to thinning of stool and clears the stomach easily. Keep in mind that such laxatives can cause stomach cramps and gas.

What exercises to do to relieve constipation in pregnancy?

You can do these exercises to avoid constipation during pregnancy


It is good to walk during pregnancy. You can walk for 20 to 30 minutes daily. This will relieve constipation and you will feel refreshed.


Doing yoga during constipation can get rid of the constipation problem. Pranayama can be quite helpful during constipation. Below is a description of how to do pranayama:

  • Sit on a yoga mat in sukhasana.
  • Keep your hands on your knees.
  • Now close your eyes and take long deep breaths and release it slowly.
  • During this, keep full attention on your breath.
  • You can do this for 10-15 minutes.


Swimming in pregnancy is good for the health of both mother and child. Swimming can increase the chances of normal delivery. You should swim under the supervision of an instructor. If you do not know swimming, do not do it.


Lungs along with heart are also strengthened by doing aerobic exercise. Also, the muscles are also fine. Apart from this, it also gets rid of the problem like constipation. Keep in mind that it should be done under the supervision of a specialist. Do not try to do it by yourself.

Can constipation in pregnancy be harmful to your baby?

Although constipation does not harm the unborn baby, the woman may have problems with hemorrhoids and blood with feces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is constipation a sign of early pregnancy?

No, constipation can happen to anyone and anytime. Constipation occurs due to weak digestion process and intestines not functioning properly. It has nothing to do with pregnancy.

Is it safe to take laxatives in pregnancy?

Whether or not you have to take laxatives depends entirely on your health. Also, only doctors can tell you better in this regard.

It is clear that constipation is not a serious disease during pregnancy, but its prolongation can definitely cause other problems. Therefore, be as healthy as possible and take appropriate foods as advised by the doctor. If you still have constipation, you can use the home remedies mentioned in this article. Also, do light-weight exercises regularly. We wish you a healthy pregnancy.

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