Constipation in infants- Symptoms Causes and Home Remedies in India

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Changing your baby’s dirty diaper is a normal process and it also shows that your baby’s stomach is functioning properly, but if your baby has been making the diaper less dirty or his stool hard for the past few days, It is a sign of constipation in the infant. It would be very difficult to detect the symptoms of constipation in infants.

In this article, we will discuss constipation caused to infants younger than one year. Along with this, you will find

Symptoms of constipation in an infant 

Newborns have difficulty in bowel movements when they are constipated. At this time the stool comes late and the condition persists for at least two weeks. However, signs of constipation in infants may be different than in adults. Below are some of the common symptoms of constipation in infants.

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When the baby is pushing for 10-15 minutes while having a bowel movement and his face turns red while doing so, it should be understood that the baby is having difficulty in bowel movement. Delayed bowel movements, in some cases, infants do not pass feces for several days. This is also a symptom of constipation. If the baby gets upset while passing stool, it is due to pain in excreta. In such a situation, your baby suspected of having constipation.

2.Physical Characteristics

If your baby’s lower abdomen feels more bloated than normal and hard to touch, it can be a sign of constipation. Apart from this, if the baby’s stool looks like a pill and hard, it is also a symptom of constipation.

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Causes of constipation in an infant 

The reasons for constipation in the infant are explained in further detail.

Diseases that can cause constipation in infants:

Gastrointestinal tract infections

Constipation is also caused by gastrointestinal tract infections. Due to this infection, your baby’s stool may harden and bleed.

Severe disease –

Constipation indicates various diseases such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and reduced thyroid. Along with constipation, other symptoms are also seen in these diseases.

Lack of nutrition can cause constipation to the baby:

Fiber – Due to the lack of fiber in the diet, infants start getting constipated.
 Water – Not taking fluids properly affects the process of baby’s stool coming out. Breastfed babies fulfill their need for water from breast milk. But a child who is 6 months or slightly older, starts drinking constipation because of not drinking enough water.

Milk problems can also cause constipation:

Breastfeeding – If your baby does not get enough breastfeeding, his stool becomes hard.
Changing Formula Milk – When infant formula milk is modified, the new formula milk may not respond well. The new formula is difficult for the baby to digest, which can cause constipation.
Until the child is healthy, it is natural for you to be concerned about his health. However, if your baby is less than three months, then see a doctor if he is constipated.

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When to go to the doctor if the infant is constipated 

If your baby is not eating and his weight drops rapidly as he is bleeding in the stool, then in this case you should consult a doctor immediately. Also, if the problem of constipation persists even after making necessary changes in the infant’s dye, it can have a serious impact on his health. If it takes more than a day for a child under 4 months to pass a bowel movement or if his stool is hard, then you should take him to your doctor.

Home Remedies for constipation in an infant

Newborn constipation can be treated by diet and lifestyle changes. Medications for this problem should not be used until it becomes extremely important.

Glycerin suppositories are capsules of glycerin, these capsules are inserted into the rectum from the baby’s anus. A suppository is the only medical treatment that is considered suitable for infants under one year of age. Although the help of a doctor should be taken for this, parents should not try to install the suppository themselves in this manner. Its capsule dissolves with the stool inside the anus and helps the stool to come out. It is advisable to give glycerin suppositories to breastfed infants because only breastfed babies cannot be fed with fiber-rich foods.

Doctors recommend the inclusion of high-fiber foods and sufficient water in the diet of infants above six months of age. Parents may also prepare a specially dyed chart for their baby from the dietician if the infant is constipated.

Pediatricians do not recommend using any kind of tonic, laxative, and enema, etc. to relieve constipation in the infant. Priority should be given to circumcision measures to cure the constipation of the baby.


How to prevent constipation from infant baby 

Preventing this problem is easier than treating your baby constipation. Further, you have been given useful advice to prevent constipation.

Breastfeeding is important:

Doctors say that breastfeeding babies are less prone to constipation. So make your baby breastfeed.
If you are breastfeeding a baby, it is not advisable to give water to a baby under the age of 5-6 months. If you feel that your baby wants to breastfeed, then breastfeed it.

The correct way to give formula:

If you give formula to your baby on hot days, then in such weather, give him a small amount of water to drink.
If you are giving formula food to your baby, do not include other formula food in it. Choose the right formula for your baby. You can consult a doctor about this. Follow all instructions on giving formula diet properly.

The right way to give solid food:

If you have started giving solid food to your baby, then try to give a healthy diet with vegetables and fruits in their diet.
Before giving solid food to your baby, make sure that you are watering your baby in sufficient quantity.

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