Effective 7 tips to stop breastfeeding for 2 year old baby in India

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There is nothing better than a mother’s milk for the development of the child. Even if you provide nutritious food and other supplements for the development of your child, but still, breastfeeding is an essential part of the child’s nutrition. However, with age, it becomes very important to get rid of this habit of the child. Many women have to work very hard to stop breastfeeding the baby. Some children do not give up the habit of drinking milk even after trying many remedies. So today’s topic is Effective 7 tips to stop breastfeeding for a 2-year-old baby in India.

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Best time to breastfeeding your baby?

The baby needs continuous breast milk for at least the first year after birth. After this, women can continue to feed the baby according to the need of the child. However, for six months, the child gets all the necessary nutrients from the mother’s milk only and after six months he starts taking other solid food along with milk. During this time, mother’s milk is the main source of nutrients and calories for the baby.

Along with this, by feeding the child for a long time, the emotional connection between the mother and the child is strengthened. Studies have shown that feeding children for two years, especially in backward and poor countries, has a positive effect on its development. Other studies showed that long-term feeding of children leads to rapid brain development. Not only this, but some facts also show that by feeding the child for a long time, he learns to speak and walk fast.

Many experts believe that a mother can feed her baby for as long as she wants. How long the baby should be fed depends on the desire of the mother and she can decide to breastfeed the baby. At the same time, some experts consider it right to breastfeed until the child is two years old. Feeding the baby for two years gives a better start to her life. At this time breastfeeding the baby is the right option. The time of feeding the baby also depends on his health and other reasons.

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How long does it take for a baby to stop breastfeeding?

The process of breastfeeding a child varies from person to person. It mainly depends on how soon your baby is comfortable releasing mother’s milk. The child gradually gives up the habit of drinking milk. This process can be slowed down if the child or mother becomes ill. It may take several times from a week to a month for the mother to breastfeeding the baby completely.

By slowly breastfeeding the child, the woman is protected from inflammation in the breasts. Women can also consult their doctors to get rid of the habit of drinking baby milk.

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What are the changes in the body of a child while stop breastfeeding?

Some changes may occur in the baby’s body due to not breastfeeding or dropping breast milk. In the situation of not drinking the mother’s milk, there is mainly a change in the child’s bowel movement.

When taking canned milk, the baby is less likely to have stools than breastfeeding. Also, the baby’s stool may be stricter than before. Some experts suggest that the baby may also have gastrointestinal problems while breast milk. Depending on the child’s age, he may have problems with gas and cramps while giving up milk, especially children aged 6 to 12 months are likely to have this problem.

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Tips to stop breastfeeding for your baby

Some easy ways to stop breastfeeding the baby are explained in detail below.

1. Prepare baby to stop breastfeeding –

Before you can stop breastfeeding your baby, you need to take care that he is ready to quit this habit. Before breastfeeding you should get into the habit of feeding the baby with a bottle or cup.

2. Give the child other food –

To change the baby’s eating habits, you should start giving him canned milk or other foods. Breastfeeding of the baby is also required while giving other solid foods. For this, you can mix your milk with canned milk and other foods and give it to the child. The baby should start giving other foods with mother’s milk a little, if you suddenly give the baby some other foods instead of breastfeeding, then he may also consider eating.

3. Do not stress the breasts –

During breastfeeding, the nipples become more sensitive when the baby drinks milk from the mother’s nipple. In such a situation, you should avoid doing activities that cause rubbing in the nipple. A mother who is free to breastfeed should sleep at night on the strength of her back, this does not put pressure on the woman’s breasts. Due to this, there is a decrease in the process of milk production in the breast and helps the baby to breastfeed.



4. Give the baby a pacifier at night –

Generally, children have a habit of sucking at night while sleeping. In this case, you can give the baby a pacifier (pacifier: artificial nipple). Children with pacifiers reduce the child’s dependence on breastfeeding. The child should not be allowed to use it continuously.

5.Sleeping alone

Sleeping with the child is the most special moment in the mother-child relationship. But to breastfeeding the baby, you should not sleep with it. For this, you can sleep a short distance near the child’s bed. If you sleep near the baby, it can insist on breastfeeding at night.

6. Focus the child on something else –

Whenever the baby signs of breastfeeding, then focus his attention on something else, such as singing, playing with him, or taking him for a walk outside.

7.Cabbage leaves –

This remedy may seem strange, but women have been using this remedy for a long time. In this, women have to keep cabbage leaves inside the bra on their breast. In this experiment, the milk of a woman’s breasts is dried with the leaves of cabbage. This therapy should be tried for a few days. While doing this therapy you have to change cabbage leaves every day. When the milk gets reduced in your breasts, the baby chooses new options to eat to satisfy his hunger.


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