home remedies and ways to increase breast milk fast naturally in India

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Every woman wants to take good care of her child and if it is about a newborn, then both care and concern increases. As you know, the newborn only breastfeeds for a few initial months, On this, its growth and development depends. But if the mother’s milk is not produced properly, then your baby will hungry and it is not able to get nutrition. Therefore, in this article, we are suggesting home remedies and ways to increase breast milk fast naturally in India. You can easily adapt these methods of increasing mother’s milk by staying at home.
So let’s tell you the steps to increase the milk of the mother, but before that, let’s talk about some important questions.

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Why mother’s milk is low?

Due to less milk of the mother, it is as follows –

1. Health problems –

Mother’s milk production may decline due to some health problems. Health problems such as high blood pressure in pregnancy, PCOS, sugar.

2. First breast operation –

Breast surgery such as a breast size reduction operation, a cyst removal procedure, or a mastectomy (this procedure allows surgeons to remove the entire breast.) It causes a decrease in glandular tissue. Due to these, the mother’s milk may be deficient.

In addition, piercing the breast nipple may damage the nerves required for breast milk. If possible, do not get it done.

3. Emotional factors –

Due to anxiety and stress, the production of milk in lactating women starts decreasing. See for yourself a private place and a comfortable environment for breastfeeding. In this way, your mood will be good and stress will reduce.

4. Smoking –

It has been found that women who smoke cigarettes have a problem of reduced milk production.

5. Causes of some types of medicines –

Certain types of hormonal contraceptive measures can decrease the production of breast milk. Taking some medicines, such as allergy medicines, can reduce breast milk.

6. Drinking –

Drinking excessive amounts of milk may reduce the production of breast milk.


How comes to know that mother’s milk is low?

You may also be worried thinking that your milk production should not be reduced, but the problem of low milk production in the mother is very less. Most women make enough milk to meet the needs of their children. The needs of all infants vary. Most newborns need to breastfeed 7 to 12 times a day.

  • To understand whether you are able to make enough milk, you can try these simple tests: If your baby is gaining weight and needs to change her diaper regularly, this means your baby’s stomach is filling up well. And this happens only when enough milk is produced.
  • Also, when your baby gets enough milk, his weight increases week-to-week for four months as expected.
  • If mother milk production is low, then supplementing may be an option. Talk to your doctor before taking supplements. She will tell you a special plan which will increase your milk production by following it.

Lastly, keep in mind that as your child grows up, he learns to drink more milk. This means that even if he is breastfeeding for a short period of time, he still drinks enough milk. So if your baby is breastfeeding for a short period of time, it does not mean that you are not able to make breast milk completely.

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Can breast milk be increased?

If you are worried that you are not giving enough breast milk to your baby then you are not alone. According to the data obtained, most women start breastfeeding their children, but they reduce or stop breastfeeding in a few months. One of the most common reasons is that they start worrying about insufficient milk production.

Many women do not mind the over or underproduction of milk. However, if you want to increase the production of breast milk, then we have given some ways and methods for you –

Measures and ways to increase mother’s milk

The measures to increase mother’s milk are as follows –

Take care of your baby’s position –

Make sure that your child is in the right position and is drinking milk. Along with feeding, also see whether he is drinking milk or not.

Use a breast pump –

The use of a breast pump in between breastfeeding twice helps to increase milk production. You can use a breast pump in these situations –

The milk is left when breastfeeding.

If the milk is interrupted while breastfeeding.

Breastfed with both breasts

Give your baby milk from both breasts. Start feeding on a breast first. Do not start feeding on the second breast until the amount of milk from the first breast is reduced. In this way, drinking milk from both breasts will help to increase milk production.


How to increase mother’s milk

Start breastfeeding as soon as possible –

If you start breastfeeding your baby late, milk production may decrease. Hold the newborn well after giving birth and start breastfeeding within the first few hours after delivery.

Give nipples to children only after a few days –

Do not apply the nipple at the time of the birth of the baby. If you want to apply the nipple to it, then start it at least three to four weeks after the birth of the baby. By doing this, you get used to taking care of the baby regularly and milk is also produced well.

Breastfeeding more often –

Make breastfeeding more often and leave it to your child when they have to stop drinking mother’s milk. When you breastfeed, the more you breastfeed, the more milk the mother will produce. Breastfeeding an average of ten times a day helps to increase milk production. But this does not mean that low or normal breastfeeding is a symptom of any discomfort.

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Tips to increase mother’s milk

One way to increase a mother’s milk is to make special biscuits mentioned here. There is no research on these biscuits, but some of the ingredients in them help increase milk production. Some of these foods and herbs contain a substance called galactagogues that increases milk production, such as oats, sprouted wheat, and flaxseed seeds.

All Content –

  • One tablespoon of sprouted wheat and two cups of wheat flour.
  • Two tablespoons flaxseed seeds and two cups of oats.
  • Four egg yolk.
  • A cup of butter.
  • Yeast.
  • One teaspoon baking soda.
  • Half a teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Half a teaspoon of salt.
  • Half cup white sugar and half cup brown sugar.

recipe –

  • First, heat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
  • Then in a small bowl take water, mix the flaxseed seeds and keep them to soak.
  • Let them soak in water for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now mix white and brown sugar and butter in another bowl.
  • Now mix the egg yolk and vanilla extract in it as well.
  • Then mix the whole mixture well for one minute or until all the ingredients are completely mixed.
  • Sieve the mixture of linseed seeds and water in a separate bowl with a sieve. Then remove the flaxseed from it.
  • Now mix baking soda, sprouted wheat, wheat flour, yeast, and salt in another bowl. Now put the butter mixture and flaxseed in it and stir the entire mixture well. After running the entire mixture well, add oats to it.
  • Now make two small laddus from this mixture and place these laddus on the oven plate.
  • Now heat them for about 10 minutes or until its crust becomes golden.
  • After the biscuits are made, leave them in the oven for two minutes and take them out and keep them in a cool place.
    Other Foods, Herbs, and Supplements –

According to the “Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation,” there are some other foods and herbs that help to produce mother’s milk. Following foods and herbs like –

  1. Garlic.
  2. Ginger.
  3. Fenugreek.
  4. Fennel
  5. Alfalfa.
  6. Spirulina.

Always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements, especially when you are about to take them during breastfeeding because even natural remedies can harm you.

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