How to care for 2-month-old baby


All the efforts made by the parents from conception to the birth of the child and then to the first month after birth, their efforts start to appear in the second month of their child. This month, the child still cannot tell what color your hard work is bringing, but this month you will experience something different. This month your baby will start whining a little more than before and start smiling. During this time your happiness will double and now you will have a more emotional connection with the child than before. so, here we are telling you how to care for a 2-month-old baby

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Baby growth

An important factor in the development of your two-month-old baby is her weight gain and her physical development. Every week of the second month, the baby is likely to gain 150-200 grams. However, if your child gains weight in one week and his weight decreases in the next week, then you should not be worried.

It is also important to keep in mind that weight is also a sign of the child’s development and there are other factors that indicate that the child is developing. Other signs of a child’s development include its length, head measurement, general health, increased appetite, and sleeping patterns. All these signs are as important as the weight gain of the child. At this time measure the weight of the child in a few weeks instead of every week, then it will be known correctly.

Baby development

To understand correctly the development of a 2-month-old baby can be divided into 4 weeks, let’s know;

8-week old baby development

Just like your child used to be attracted to colors earlier, now he will like to see the complex design. Give your child stuff toys, softballs, and animal-shaped cushions that he can feel by touching.
During this time, the child will try to make different sounds by listening to your voice and will be attracted to other noises. Even if you do not get any response but keep talking to your child, he can see your activities and your expressions.

Baby development at 9 weeks

This week your child wants to put all the things he sees in his mouth. At this time the baby will start dripping saliva due to more saliva in the mouth. However, the baby’s teeth are still 3 months left, so if your baby eagerly puts anything in his mouth, then saliva starts dripping from his mouth.

Children’s saliva contains disease-free protein (disease-preventing protein) which is also present in every toy and other things in your child.
You can expect the child to sleep longer rather than wake up in a few hours. During this time your child can take two to four sleeping sessions and can stay awake for 10 hours.

This week you can be happy to see your child’s attempts to roll back and forth. At this time your baby’s hand and neck muscles are not fully developed, so they cannot fully rotate or roll right now, which will begin in the next month. Since now your child can move back and forth a little, so be careful while leaving him alone in bed.

10-week old baby development

By the 10th week, your baby will not be able to fully roll, move, or move, but of course, it can roll anytime and anywhere. Give him more room to stretch his legs around you. During this time you can lie on a mat or blanket to give your child complete freedom.

This week increases his strength and these activities of the child help to develop his small muscles. This is the time when your baby can move around on his / her stomach and try to slide forward on his / her feet.

When someone talks to a child or picks him up on his lap, do not ignore his facial smile. As your child wants to know everything at the moment, this is the right time to introduce him to other people as well, especially those who will often be around him or later spend most of his time with him.

11-week old baby development

This is the time for your child to make new discoveries. At this time he will be surprised to see his hands and until he finds something new, he will look at his hand, put it in his mouth and it will become one of his favorite works.

So if he insists on putting his hand in his mouth then you should not worry and let him do it. This will make your child busy with one of his tasks and give you some time for yourself.

In week 11 you will notice that your baby can hold his head longer than before. If you try to support your child and make him sit, then he can hold the head more tightly.

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Baby’s health

The vaccination process of a 2-month-old baby starts, so it is important that you mark its date in the calendar or set a reminder on your mobile. Your child’s first vaccination is more important, so don’t ignore it at all. Some government institutions or municipal corporations also organize free immunization or vaccination camps for children, you can also benefit from them.

Along with this, doctors can also give the vaccine to the child, if you want, contact them. If you wish, you can also take a personal health record diary for your child in which you can write down the date of all the vaccines and other future appointments with the doctor.

You can also use your mobile calendar for this and put a reminder in it. You should check the weight of your 2-month-old baby regularly and if there is any abnormal change, contact a doctor immediately.

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Developmental achievements in child – 2 months

  • From pregnancy to delivery, waking up overnight and those days of hard work and suffering will bring positive results now when your 2-month-old baby reaches certain stages of development, let us know which are the stages;
    During this time you may be attracted to your child’s first smile. Now your child will smile by himself and will not need to be motivated to smile by touching or speaking as before.
  • During this time your child can hold your hand tightly to avoid turning back over his toys or as before. Slowly start giving your child small and soft toys that are safe for him.
  • At this time your child will move his hands and feet a lot, due to which he can keep you busy with him for maximum time. Your little genius will constantly try to count his fingers or hold his feet.
  • Within 2 months, your child will start to follow your eyes, recognize your face, and notice the activities happening around you. At this time, you can check the similarity of both eyes of your child by holding a colorful toy.

The behavior

The 2-month-old baby cries faster than before. Many parents may worry more if the baby cries so much, but there is no reason to do anything for it. Even if you feel that your child is being taken care of properly or not, there may be some simple reasons for his behavior.

Your baby may be crying more due to fatigue or staying near you. Since the nervous system also develops, your baby may cry. During this time it is better to use one’s own intelligence to meet the needs of the child. A mother herself can understand what her child wants or is right for her. Now whether it is to cuddle with the love of the child or to take a walk outside in the pram. The child needs a familiar touch to be calm and to be around acquaintances.

2-month-old baby activities

For your 2-month old baby, you can do the following;

  • Sing a song: This easy task increases your child’s hearing and will understand the language. It depends on how loud your voice is and you also have to see if your child is giving any reaction to your voice.
  • Dance: In order to increase your emotional engagement with the child and his hearing, you can play the song in a low voice and dance with your child by the chest. Remember, the sound of a song or music should be very light and loud.
  • Show Toys: Show your child a colorful stuffed toy or toy. Move the toys and move from one side to the other to attract the child’s attention. This will enable your child to track and see with eyesight.
  • Massage: Massage can give the child a lot of rest and during this time he can also feel the touch of his mother. Massage gently on your baby’s feet, arms, and abdomen. You raise your child’s feet slowly and walk slowly like a bicycle, this strengthens his muscles.
  • Read with the child: Although the two months old child will not understand the words you have read, it is necessary to hold the book in front of the child at this age, showing him new colors and pictures. This will help her to concentrate or focus on the words and pictures that lead to your child’s

cognitive development.

2-month of baby care

You can adopt the following tips for taking care of your 2-month-old baby, let’s know;

  • Do not keep any toy or thing near the child because at this time your child tries to put everything in his mouth.
  • In the second month, the baby’s movements increase, so make sure that there is no sharp thing around or reaching him or do not know him in any corner.
  • Keep your child away from animals because your child’s immune system is weak at this time and not fully developed due to which they can easily become allergic.
  • It is important to pay attention to the child’s reaction to voice, touch and light and if you find anything unusual you can take important steps.


As your baby is 2 months old at this time, his hunger and thirst also increase at this time, which means that at this time you need to feed your baby more often throughout the day. At this time, your baby may prove to be the right guide for feeding you, so believe in the demand of the baby and feed the baby accordingly. If you were feeding your baby with one breast, then at this time you can feed her with both breasts.

If you have not been able to sleep for a long time, then this is the right time to get back your lost sleep. Although the baby may need to be fed at night for some time, its sleeping time may increase by 5-6 hours. This long baby sleeping time allows you and your partner to have a good sleep.

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This month you can clearly notice the sleeping pattern developing in your baby. Your child will sleep for 1 to 3 hours more than his regular sleep. The best time to put the baby to sleep for 30 to 60 minutes is after drinking his milk. At this time, signs of fatigue start appearing in the child and this is the best time to put the child to sleep in his cradle. A 2-month-old baby can sleep for 10–18 hours but it can vary in 24 hours. Although it is common to sleep so much at this age.

Tips for parents

In the first few months, the mother’s touch is a means of communication for the child. Many experts recommend a baby massage for 2 months, but if you just keep your baby in your lap or keep it close to you, there are many more.

  • If your child cries then you should use a variety of sudding methods. Humming a song, playing soft music or listening to white noise (vacuum cleaner sound or rain tip-tip) are some of them. If you have not yet done so, you can now give your baby a pacifier.
  • This experience can be new for both the child and the parents. So you can get help from someone if needed. In this case, the doctor can give you proper advice and your parents or friends can give the correct information.
  • Any information can be obtained from the internet at any time but it needs to be used for very few things and very carefully. You can get help from a website where information is given by experts on a regular basis.
    Since nowadays parents travel with their child, most of their time can be spent on the baby carriers and car seats. If you do something similar, keep in mind that your child may have enough space to move, roll, stretch or stretch, and even move to help develop muscle.
  • Remember that your child is the most different and it is not necessary that his development is the same as the others. Do not compare your child with other children at all. Your things are fine as long as you do not see much decrease in your child’s growth or development.


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