Infant Massage – Important things to Know-Methods and Benefits

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For the good health of the newborn, as much as mother’s milk is, it is necessary to massage her regularly. The tradition of baby massage in India has been going on for centuries. At the same time, now doctors also ask to massage the baby. This is not only beneficial for the good health of the baby, but it is also a great way for the mother to love the child.
In this article Homechildcare, we will discuss Infant massage in detail. You will know what are its benefits, as well as the methods of massaging your baby.

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What is Baby Massage?

The newborn is massaged by his mother or any other member of the household. At the same time, nowadays some people specially appoint a woman for the massage of the baby. During this, the baby is caressed using oil or lotion made for massaging the baby. This not only helps in the physical development of the baby but also creates better coordination between the parent and the child.


What are the benefits of massaging your baby?

Massaging your baby regularly has many benefits, which we are talking about below. Let us know what are the benefits of massaging your baby:

1. Baby gets good sleep:

Massage plays an important role in getting good sleep. Massaging your baby before bed produces more melatonin in the baby’s body. This hormone is considered essential for good sleep.

2. Muscles relax and reduce tension

Massage reduces the stress of the baby. Massage releases oxytocin, the hormone that produces pleasure in the body, and the stress-causing hormone start decreasing. At the same time, massage also relaxes the muscles.

3.Help to increase mental and social development:

It has been proved in the study that touching a child affects his mental and social development.

4. Nervous System Stimulates:

Massaging the baby stimulates her nervous system and improves muscle coordination. It also Benefits in digestion, blood circulation, and breathing: Massaging the baby reduces the crying of the baby and improves digestion and blood circulation. It also has respiratory benefits. Apart from this, massaging your baby also removes problems like gas and constipation.

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When to start an Infant Massage?

According to experts, the baby massage can be started four weeks after birth, because during this time the baby’s skin develops properly and the navel stub also heals. Keep in mind that after breaking and drying the navel stub of the baby, massage it on her abdomen.

Best time to massage your baby

The best time to massage your baby is when he is neither tired nor hungry. In such a situation, he will be able to enjoy the massage well. You can massage her anytime during the day. In addition, her massage can be fixed according to her bathing schedule, breastfeeding and sleeping and waking time.

If possible, make a set sequence of your daily routine. For example, first, massage your baby, then give him a bath and then put him to sleep. By doing this the baby will begin to understand the routine.
Of course, this process is long and it may be a little difficult for the baby to adopt, as he may get hungry again in the meantime. Therefore, in the beginning, keep the time interval between the child’s massage and bath short. You can massage your baby even before sleeping at night because it reduces his fatigue and makes him sleepy. At the same time, if the baby is crying more, massage in the evening can be beneficial.

How should I massage my baby?

Massaging your baby seems easy, but it should be done very carefully. The body of a newborn is very delicate, so it is important to know the right method of massage. Keep in mind that during the first six months, do not massage under high pressure. Below we are telling you how to massage your baby.

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 Prepare your baby for the massage

You must prepare your baby for this massage before starting it. In such a situation, it is important that the child remains calm and in a good mood. For this, apply light oil on your baby’s palms and then apply oil on the stomach and ears. By doing this, he will begin to understand this process. If in the meantime they started crying and jerking hands and feet, then understand that they are not ready to get massaged right now. At the same time, if they remain calm during this time, then massage should be started.

 Massaging the feet of the baby

When the child is ready for a massage, first massage his feet. You take some oil on your palms and massage it on the soles with light hands. Massage her toes and ankles. Then move the palm under and above the lighter hand. Then gently massage the thumbs under the toes and feet by turning them around.

raise one leg up and on the ankle lightly flap your hands. Then move the hand to the thighs. In the same way, massage the other leg as well.
Now gently press the child’s thighs with hands.
Now bend the legs of the baby from the knees and press the knees on the stomach with light hands. By doing this, gas will come out from the baby’s stomach.

Massage your baby’s hands

Massage your baby’s hands after the feet. For this, hold the baby’s hand and fold his palms. Now give a light massage with oil from his palms to the fingertips. Gently fold the baby’s hands and gently massage from the back of his hand to the wrist. Now massage your hands round and round (as the bangle is worn) on the wrist.

 Massage your baby’s chest and shoulders

Now it is time to massage the baby’s chest and shoulders. For this, gently massage your baby from both the shoulders to the chest. Repeat this process two to three times. Then with the help of hands gently massage the outside keeping the middle of the chest.

Massage your baby’s abdomen

The stomach is very delicate, so do not pressurize it. Start massaging the abdomen from under your chest. Then, with both hands turning around, massage the baby’s abdomen and near the navel.

Baby head and face massage

For this, you place the index finger on the baby’s forehead and start massaging her face with light pressure. Then massage your fingers in a circular motion, moving your fingers from the chin to the cheeks. Repeat this process two to three times. After this, apply oil on the roots of the baby’s hair and massage it in the same way as shampoos do. Baby’s head is very delicate, so massage with very light hands.

Massage your baby’s back

For this, lie the baby on the stomach and keep the child’s hands in front. Now keep the tips of the fingers on the upper part of your baby’s back, then rotate them around. Repeat this process two to three times and mash the child’s back. Take care not to place the fingers on the spine.

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How often should I massage my baby?

In some families, the baby is massaged twice a day for the first three months. At the same time, some people massage the baby before bathing or after bathing. It is difficult to tell exactly how many times she should massage. It depends on how much the child is enjoying the massage and how much time you have.

  • Some important tips and things to note for Infant Massage
  • Massaging the child develops his body properly. Therefore, below we are giving some special tips related to baby massage, which will work for you. Apart from this, there are some special things that need to be paid attention to:
  • Do not use very cold oil for Infant Massage. If it’s cold, you can heat the oil lightly.
  • Look into your child’s eyes while massaging. This will make the child look at you and your relationship will be stronger.
  • After the oil massage, bathe the baby after at least 10-15 minutes. Do not leave the oil on the body for much longer.
  • Note that while massaging the baby, the oil does not get into her eyes. This may irritate his eyes.
  • After massaging, give the baby a bath with lukewarm water. This will remove the oil well.
  • Keep an interval of 30 to 45 minutes between baby food and massage. Massaging immediately after eating or feeding can make him vomit.
  • Massage the baby on the mat or a soft towel.
  • Make sure that the child’s mood is like this. While massaging the baby is completely calm and has a good mood, only then massage it. Do not massage such that the child feels uncomfortable.

Best Oil for children’s massage

It is important to choose the right oil for baby massage. Below we are telling you what oil you can use to massage your baby:

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a better option for baby massage. Coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This is a better option for a baby’s skin.

Olive oil: Olive oil is very beneficial for children. Not only in India, but also abroad, this oil is used for massage.
Almond oil: You can also massage your baby with almond oil. Almond oil contains Vitamin-E, which nourishes the baby and makes the skin soft.

Mustard oil: Mustard oil is also beneficial for massage. It brings warmth in the body. However, it can bring more lubrication to the body, so massage it in your baby by mixing it with some other oil.

Castor oil: Massaging with castor oil is beneficial before bathing your baby. It gives nourishment by removing dryness from the skin.

Sesame oil: Sesame oil can also be used for baby massage. You will easily find it in the market.

Sunflower oil: At the same time, if your baby’s skin is very sensitive, you can massage it with sunflower oil as well. It contains vitamin-E and fatty acids, which nourish the baby’s skin.

Tea tree oil: You can use tea tree oil to massage children with sensitive skin. It also nourishes the skin and also has antiseptic properties.

Baby oil: You can also massage the baby with good quality baby oil present in the market.

When should I not massage my baby?

If there are rashes on the baby’s body, do not apply any oil or cream on her skin without consulting the doctor. If you feel that there are some marks on the baby’s skin due to the use of some oil, then its use should be stopped. In such a situation, you should decide to massage according to the advice of the doctor.

At the same time, some experts say that the baby should not be massaged if he has a fever or if his health worsens. On the other hand, some doctors say that by giving a mild massage, there is relief from pain in the infant. In such a situation, if the health of the baby is bad or if he has a fever, consult the doctor before massaging. It is possible that doctors refuse massage for this stage.

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When should I stop Infant Massage?

There is no definite age for when a baby should be massaged. You can massage your baby for as long as you want. Yes, you have to note how much your baby enjoys it. It also depends on how long the baby is massaged in which family. In many families, massage is not stopped even after the child is five to six years old. The massage of children of this age is done three to four times a week. However, how long you have to massage your baby depends on you.

Is it right to massage a sleeping baby?

When the baby is sleeping, it is better not to massage it. Massaging her at bedtime can break her sleep and cause her to become irritable and cry. Therefore, massage the baby only when he is asleep and in a good mood.

These were the answers to some important questions related to the Infant Massage, which will work for you. All this information will help you to massage your teenager properly and at the right time. We hope that the information in this article will work for you and it will benefit you and your baby.

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