Mobile side effects on children-its risk factors and remedies

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In this changing phase of development and technology, mobile has become an important part of human life. No one wants to distance themselves from it, even for a moment. As a result of this, even small children have become accustomed to the sight of parents, but do you know that due to the love, the device you have entered in your child’s life, later on, It can cause physical and mental problems for your child. Keeping this topic in mind, in this article of homechildcare we are going to give you information about the causes of mobile Mobile side effects on children, its risk factors, and some remedies to get rid of it.

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Why are children so attached to mobile?

According to experts, 6-month-old infants are attracted by looking at different pictures and colors. This is the reason that children’s tendency towards mobile increases. The light emanating from the mobile and the pictures seen on it draw children towards them. At the same time, the sound of mobile also creates an eagerness in children to know about it and touch it.


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Mobile side effects on children

Many side effects of mobile phone use can be seen in children, some of which we are going to tell you about

1.Nervous Disorders:

Radiation emanating from mobile phones has been considered very harmful for many children. Due to this, they are prone to many problems, including neurological problems. Although nervous disorders involve many serious problems, it can generally result in decreased ability to walk, speak, breathe, swallow, and learn.

2.Physiological Addiction:

We can call the problem of physiological addition to any physical object. In simple words, it would not be wrong to call it an addiction. In fact, from a young age, children who have mobile phones in their hands, get addicted to it. Due to this, they are always engaged in mobile. Alam becomes that they are not conscious of eating and drinking and even sleeping.

3.Decreased mental development:

One side effect of mobile phones is that they can inhibit the mental development of the child. The reason is that due to the addiction to mobile, the child does not pay any attention to any other work. At the same time, he is not able to connect with people socially and practically. As a result, there should be some reduction in the actual development of the child according to age.

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4.Insomnia problem:

Children play games on mobile. Let’s see new things. Nowadays, cartoons and other programs are also available on mobile. Due to their high interest in them, they stay awake until late at night. For this reason, you may also get complaints about sleeping frequently during school time. At the same time, the continuation of this habit can give rise to insomnia problems.

5.Behavioral change:

The child’s frequent use of a mobile phone can also cause a change in his or her behavior. According to experts, it is believed that mobile addiction does not allow the child to concentrate on any other work. In such a situation, if you remove the mobile from him immediately, then it may be that he has negative feelings towards you, he may also become irritable or he may be angry (by crying or leaving food) to get the mobile.

6.Cancer Risk:

Research related to mobile side effects on children suggests that radiation emanating from mobile can cause cancer. May also be responsible for brain tumors.


In many cases, it has been observed that children who use mobile for a long time have a headache problem.
Depression and short taper: In relation to the use of mobiles, there is also evidence that excessive use of mobiles in children can also cause depression and problems of rapid anger.


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We can understand the reasons for mobile addiction in children through the following points.

  • Giving mobile to children due to love and affection.
  • To entertain crying children by giving them a mobile phone.
  • Greed to give them mobile to eat food.
  • Parents think that operating a mobile at a young age will be beneficial for the child’s development.
  • Recreate children by giving them mobiles to keep themselves away from themselves and to do any specific work.

Ways to get rid of the child’s mobile addiction 

Mobile addiction can be eradicated from children by adopting these special things.

  • Motivate the child to play outdoor games instead of mobile games. This will not only improve his physical development, but he will also connect with people socially.
  • Spend as much time with the children as possible. The reason is that at this time, children need the most love and affection from parents. By staying with you, it will automatically go away from the mobile.
  • Lovingly explain to children that mobile is harmful to them. Also, according to their hobbies, motivate children to do things like dance, music, and petting, which will prove beneficial for their better development.
  • To entertain children, use a toy instead of a mobile. If possible, bring them some pets. By doing this, he will not only get away from mobile but will also get emotional improvement.
  • Try to instill a tendency towards abacus-like activity in the child. By doing this, they will not only get attention from mobile, but their intellectual capacity will also develop.
  • Do not use the phone as much as possible in front of children. By doing this, they will end the trend towards mobile and the desire to get it.

Tips to protect children from the risk of mobile phones

To protect children from the risk of mobile phones, keep the following points in mind.

  • Do not give mobile to children below 16 years. The reason is that at the age of 16, the child’s brain is very sensitive, which is not ready to bear the distortion emanating from the mobile.
  • Do not hold children directly in mobile hands. If you want them to hear something special (song or something), then use headphones. Keep in mind that headphones can also have a bad effect on children’s work. Therefore, it should be used in low voice and with great caution.
  • Do not allow children to use mobile at all in the lift, train, bus or car, because doing so can increase the intensity of radiation, which is harmful to children.
    In the absence of a network, do not give mobile to children at all. The reason is that in this situation the mobile network will try to connect to the new antenna, which can increase the intensity of radiation.
  • When choosing a home or school, keep in mind that there is no mobile tower nearby.
  • You should keep in mind that while sleeping in the children’s bedroom, there should be no mobile.
  • Take care not to take your child to a mobile school.

Although mobile has become an integral part of your life, the side effects it has on children can also not be ignored. The article gives you a good explanation of its disadvantages. At the same time, some easy remedies have been told to ensure that children do not get addicted to mobile. Conversely, if your child is stuck in mobile, then some options to remove him from the mobile are also suggested to you through the article. By adopting these, you can protect children from major risks in the future. If you have any other questions and suggestions on this topic, you can reach them through the comment box below.

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