What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis vaccine newborn dosage.


Hepatitis is something that all your mothers must have heard about. The Hepatitis vaccine is given at the time of birth. After this, vaccines are applied thrice from birth to six months. Hepatitis disease is so serious that the World Health Organization itself has included it in primary vaccines given to children. Let’s know what is hepatitis and why it is important to protect children and ourselves from it.

What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis vaccine newborn dosage.

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  1. What is Hepatitis?
  2. How does Hepatitis B spread?
  3. Types of hepatitis
  4. Symptoms of hepatitis
  5. When should children be vaccinated with hepatitis?
  6. Does hepatitis spread through unprotected sex?
  7. What is Hepatitis? (What is Hepatitis)

Hepatitis is a liver disease in which liver inflammation or any kind of discharge may occur. The word hepatitis is derived from the Greek word hepar, which means the liver. Liver inflammation can also be caused by bacteria, viruses, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, or autoimmune disease.

. This disease is spread by consuming contaminated food, contaminated water, and coming in contact with the person suffering from this disease. If hepatitis is not treated in a timely manner, there is a risk of liver cirrhosis, liver failure, or liver cancer.

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Symptoms of Hepatitis

If you think of jaundice in children as normal, then you need to be cautious. Actually, if this jaundice is not cured for a long time, then it can be a symptom of cornic disease or hepatitis. Know the major symptoms of Hepatitis.

  • Long term jaundice
  • All symptoms of jaundice
  • White or black stools
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Loss of appetite, indigestion, vomiting
  • Liver pain or abdominal swelling
  • Sudden body blue
  • Vomiting of blood

If you see any of the above symptoms, do not ignore it. Timely medical advice helps protect you from this serious infection. If jaundice is prolonged for a long time, even children should consult their doctor regularly. If baby clothes also become yellow due to jaundice then it is a sign that you should be more vigilant.

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When should the children get Hepatitis Vaccine 

According to the guidelines issued by the WHO and the Health Department of India, he should be given Hepatitis ka Tika only at the birth of a child. After this, its booster dose should be given in the sixth, tenth and fourteenth weeks.

Hepatitis Vaccine Schedule

                AgeVaccine HepatitisScheme AScheme B
Born BCG, OPV 0HB1
6 weeksDPT 1, OPV 1HB 2
10 weeksDPT 2, OPV 2HB 2
14 weeksDPT 3, OPV 3HB 3HB 3

Types of Hepatitis

Hepatitis viruses are mainly of five types, of which Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are considered the most dangerous. Let us know in detail the types of Hepatitis:

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). They are spread by infected food and water. Their patient usually recovers completely after treatment. The vaccine is also available to prevent Hepatitis A.

Its special symptoms are similar to jaundice disease. Apart from this, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea, mild fever, yellow or gray-colored stool, yellow-colored urine, and itching can occur all over the body. Always take care of eating and drinking to avoid Hepatitis A virus. Always keep cleanliness around.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is considered the most serious and harmful for pregnant women. It is transferred by blood, by unprotected sex, a needle used for others, or a single needle is used for many people, and is transferred by an infected mother to a newborn baby, during pregnancy or during childbirth.

The hepatitis B virus cannot be completely eliminated from the body. However, some drugs are capable of suppressing the virus. Its vaccine is available, which helps in protecting the person from its infection.

You will be surprised to know that Amitabh Bachchan was also suffering from Hepatitis B infection. He was caused by infected blood inflicted at the time of injury during the shooting of Coolie film.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is caused by a virus called hepatitis C. There is no hepatitis C vaccine available. However, most patients recover from the use of drugs. According to doctors, Hepatitis C is mainly due to liver weakness.

Eating highly spicy food, drinking alcohol continuously, excessive consumption of antibiotics, etc. are the main reasons for this. Talking about the symptoms of Hepatitis C, then there is a loss of appetite or very little hunger, always feeling tired, liver pain, and jaundice.

Hepatitis D

The risk of Hepatitis D is more in those patients who already have Hepatitis B infection. Its cure is its treatment because adequate treatment is not available.

Hepatitis D causes liver inflammation and inflammation. This inflammation can also cause liver cancer. It can also become a chronic disease. Complaints of jaundice with joint pain, abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, change in urine color, fatigue, etc. are considered to be the risk of Hepatitis D.

Note: If Hepatitis B is prolonged or Hepatitis D is more than six months, then medical treatment should be done immediately.

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis cases are more common in rainy and summer seasons. It is also spread by infected food and water, mainly from contaminated water. Their patient usually recovers completely after treatment. Hepatitis E is more fatal for pregnant women.

It is caused by a virus called hepatitis E (HEV). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 2 million cases of Hepatitis E infection occur every year, and only in 2015, about 44 000 patients have died.

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